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Agency Partners

Voices for Children/CASA works with these three agencies to arrange for safe, secure, permanent homes for these children. Whether in the home of origin, through guardianship, or adoption.

Voices for Children/CASA operates under the jurisdiction of The 32nd and 33rd Judicial Circuit Courts of Missouri. We work under a Memorandum of Understanding with the court, The 32nd and 33rd Judicial Circuits Juvenile Offices, and Missouri Children’s Division. The Court swears in CASA volunteers as Officers of the Court and oversees the appointment of CASA volunteers to cases. Juvenile officers share records with new volunteers, serve on the Family Support Team to support each individual child and represents the child in court. Missouri Children’s Division has legal custody of child victims of abuse and neglect. These caseworkers serve as members of the Family Support Team with the CASA volunteer, the Deputy Juvenile Officer, parents, foster parents and others involved in the case.

The National CASA Association

is the parent agency for all CASA programs in the US. The organization has established standards for programs, has training curricula for employees and volunteers, offers grants, and provides resources for programs.

The Missouri CASA Association

is the state coordinating agency for Missouri’s CASA programs. They provide legislative activity as well as grants to state programs, coordinate Title IV-E monies, hold bi-annual meetings, direct volunteer referrals to appropriate programs, and provides guidance and direction for local programs.

United Way of Southeast Missouri

is a valuable partner which has supported Voices for Children/CASA for many years. The agency provides general program support for CASA’s advocacy program and assists in community awareness and volunteer recruitment.


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