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Our Programs

Voices for Children/CASA has two programs:

Our general Child Advocacy Program, and our newly established Fostering Futures program. Read about each program below to learn more.

CASA’s Advocacy Program

CASA provides well-trained court appointed volunteers to speak on behalf of child victims of abuse and neglect who are in foster care in the three county 32nd and 33rd Judicial Circuits of Missouri. Volunteers undergo a thirty-hour training, are sworn in as officers of the Court, and are assigned to a case. Their job is to advocate on behalf of the child/children in their case to the Court. The CASA volunteer is there primarily for the child, speaking in their best interest. Volunteers investigate the case, getting to know the principals of the case, the facts, and the current situation. They facilitate the delivery of services which have been mandated for the child and family. At each court hearing they advocate for the child to the Court, sharing the progression of the case since the last hearing. They continue to monitor the case for the duration, until the Court terminates jurisdiction.

Fostering Futures

The Fostering Futures Program is a supplemental program to CASA’s advocacy program, which is designed to serve youth ages 14-18 who will, most likely, age out of foster care. Program is designed to assist youth in a successful transition from foster care to adulthood. Fostering Futures volunteers undergo the mandated thirty-hour CASA training program and an additional eight-hour Fostering Futures training to guide them in dealing with issues faced by transitioning youth. Fostering Futures volunteers will spend more one on one time with the youth in their cases, setting and working toward goals, assisting youth in acquiring practical knowledge, such as budgeting, setting doctor’s appointments, finding jobs and housing, and engaging in healthy relationships, how to locate and access community resources, and in general, developing knowledge and skills to facilitate a successful transition to adulthood.


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