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Volunteer of the Year 2016

Voices for Children/CASA's 2016 Volunteer of the year has been a CASA for 8 years. A retired English teacher, she has a MA in English and a BS in Elementary Education. She taught at Jackson and Perryville schools for 25 years. She is married, has 3 children and 9 grandchildren. A very active retiree, she works for the family newspaper, the Cashbook Journal in Jackson and enjoys traveling, She also loves horses and is an advocate of equine therapy. During her tenure with CASA this volunteer has served a number of children, helping each to find a safe, secure, permanent home. She is a very hands on volunteer for her children, playing on the floor with them, reading to them and establishing a close connection. Our 2016 CASA Volunteer of Year is Clarice Jones. 


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